Our Rooms

George Monture Room

George Monture was a U.S. Army Scout in the early days of Montana whos skills were valubale in relations with Native American Tribes of the Territory.

Two queen beds

Fanny Steele Room

Fanny Sperry Steele was a first generation Montanan, an award winning bronc and rodeo performer and one of the first women to be inducted into the Montana Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Two queen beds

Smoke Deneau Room

Smoke was a local cowboy, miner, packer and camp cook. Rumor has it that Smoke had riden with Butch Cassidy in the time of Desperado Dick's claim to fame.

One full-sized bed

Charlie Young Room

Charlie Young, an early resident of Ovando, is known for guiding the first surveyors into what is now called the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

One queen bed

Harry Morgan Room

Harry Morgan was an early pioneer of Ovando and one of the first game wardens of the Blackfoot River Valley. A fishing access and an Ovando road bears his name.

One queen bed

Bessie Young Room

Bessie was born in 1882 and was the first white female born in Ovando. She was the daughter of Joseph Young an early day homesteader.

One queen-sized bed

The Valiton Suite

The Valiton Suite is named for our owner and operators, The Valiton Family. The Valitons have a rich history in Montana and Ovando. Just ask and they'd be happy to tell you.

The suite features a private entry, two rooms with a single queenbed in each, private kitchen, private laundry, television with Satelite TV, and a full-size Murphy bed in the living room for extra guests.